Are you asking yourself the right questions about your brand identity?

Here we are – 2020 – a new year and a bombardment of resolutions, key words and rules to try and live by for the next 365 days….are you exhausted yet?! I am a little and feel though there are some changes to be made and now is a good time, I’m not going to put myself under lots of pressure. 

I do however think new year is a good time to quietly address a few things – one of them, of course is your brand identity.

You see, even if you have in the last couple of years re branded, just going back to your notes and your current marketing material and asking yourself questions is VITAL.

For example….Am I still giving out the right message to my audience? Are my audience who they were a year ago? Do I still love my brand identity and does it truly represent where the business is now at? 

You might find that you are totally on track, if you THOROUGHLY went through the process of creating an intentional brand identity then this is likely, though we must never rest on our laurels and regularly check out who our audience are and where they are looking, searching and browsing as this shifts constantly.

It is proven that having a well thought out brand that resonates your message, your values and your passion WILL not only capture the attention of the RIGHT audience for you but YOU in turn will feel closer to it which is SOOOOOO important as lets face it, your business is the very thing that generates you money, takes up a great deal of your time, heart and soul and for these reasons alone, is so very worth getting right 👌.

So, take 30 mins, grab yourself a coffee and download the guide below which will give you a few essentials to follow and help you ask yourself those essential questions…. if you need to address anything, make sure you do – but no pressure 🤣! 

😘 Cathy