My About Me

I have loved anything to do with design since as long as I can remember. I also have a huge fascination with what makes people tick…… after many years of studying and working in art, photography, marketing and graphics, these passions combined together and evolved into my true love, brand design.

Today, with years of experience helping new and existing businesses create and refine their image, I have the great pleasure of watching them grow and evolve.

Many of my clients kindly tell me how their strong brand image helps give them the courage to go out and sell their product or service confidently.

The important thing always in my mind is that I create a brand design that… will attract your audience…captivate future clients and… you absolutely LOVE. 

As well as design, I am lucky enough to regularly present at conferences, events both private and public and host panel talks on the importance of a strong brand identity and how to achieve this.

Bringing Visions to life

Even though life is somewhat of a juggle at times managing work and family life, I feel utterly privileged to be doing something I truly love and feel so passionate about.

Listening to my clients business ideas and bringing their visions to life through design is SO rewarding not only for me but thankfully for my clients!

My family and I live in the South of England. Each day is different – you will find me either working in my studio at home, at the beach walking our gorgeous cocker spaniel or running around last minute because I’ve forgotten to buy anything for dinner (this actually happens most days!).