Brand Identity Masterclasses

How to build a Brand that has Depth, Style & Longevity – The Masterclass
26th March 2020 at Cowley Manor, Cotswolds 10.30am – 2.30pm
An enlightening and comprehensive one day class for business owners who want a stylish, long-lasting brand that reaches and connects with the right customers for them. 
Cathy has worked for over 12 years successfully helping many independent businesses on their brand identities and strategies and brings to you her knowledge and experience in this day class, where you will also have the opportunity to meet other likeminded business owners who also want to up their game. 
Things we will cover:
– The psychology of why brand identity is important and how it attracts the customer
– Brand Touchpoints – what are they?
– Identifying what sets you apart and makes you fabulous 
– Aligning with your values & attracting THE RIGHT audience
– Connecting with your audience in this modern world
– Being profitable
– The impact of imagery & why it is so vital to your brand
– Styling your brand
£120 Light lunch and coffee all included
Cathy’s masterclass has elevated my knowledge, and has highlighted the importance of brand presentation to customers.  
The class was easy to follow, presented really well and it is the best money I have spent on my journey with my business.
Thank goodness I attended – thank you so much Cathy!