The importance of brand identity in 2022 and beyond

We have just completed the first quarter of 2022 and what a year it’s shaping up to be so far!…

Things have been as busy as ever here at @The Bespoke Brand Designer and I’m extremely excited to share with you some of the beautiful projects I’ve been working on recently – stay tuned for an update coming soon on this!

I also thought this would be the perfect opportunity to sit down and discuss one of the core elements of my work in brand consultancy – brand identity and its importance in the world we know today.

We all know that a well-designed, well thought out brand identity is vital in this competitive world, particularly in this post-covid, digital era where we’re all consuming visual, digital content constantly through social media and various other platforms.

First off, some may be thinking, “What does brand identity entail?” well, it entails A LOT, but the basic elements of your brand identity include the list below so ask yourself some questions…

  • Business Name – Is it clear to read? Does it have meaning to you/your business?
  • Positioning – Who is your target audience? (This is SO important to figure out)
  • Logo Is it fabulous? Do YOU love it? Does it represent your business brilliantly? Does it look like something your target audience would be attracted to?
  • Typeface(s)/Fonts Are the fonts you are using in keeping with the feel of your brand and business? I.e., modern, timeless, contemporary, traditional…fonts are so vital as they create a ‘feeling’. What fonts support your brand?
  • Colours What colours identify you? Do you have a colour palette? How do they make your audience feel? Are they calming, strong, vibrant – Like fonts, colours create a subconscious feeling and contribute to a sense of continuity by using the same ones for your brand identity consistently?
  • Tone of Voice – How do you engage with your audience? What tone of voice do you use across your brand platforms or on social media? If it’s a quick sale you want, go precise and concise – if you want a slow burn to build trust and loyalty use a more in-depth tone of voice and give plenty of information.
  • Values What are your core business values? Are you strong on sustainability? Do you offer a truly skilled service with plenty of tradition behind you? What value do you provide?

A strong, unique brand identity is an essential part of building a good relationship with customers and clients.

You want your audience to share the same values as your business, encouraging them to feel comfortable choosing you over the competition.

With a strong brand identity, customers and clients are much more likely to remember your business. A strong brand name and logo or image which represents YOU and your business well, helps to ultimately keep your company firmly in the mind of your existing and potential customers.

In terms of my work, there are two things that I feel are very important in brand identity – one is the visual side: creating a design that is going to grab the attention of your target audience and make them intrigued. A lot of my designs are quite simple but have a great deal of impact!

The other thing that I think is extremely important is the creation of memorable experiences. I believe that’s another way of connecting with your desired customer or client.

In this day and age, we are bombarded with imagery and visuals, especially on Instagram and other social media platforms. In fact, 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual! Meaning that now more than ever, it’s important to ensure that all the visual representations of who you are is well thought-out and stands out!

As I mentioned in one of my earliest journal entries – first impressions to future clients sits crucially alongside your tone of voice, customer service and every other vital element of your business – with huge competition in all industries and just a few seconds before someone’s subconscious makes a decision about a product or service – that is not long at all!

However, it’s important to note that my job is about bringing that to the forefront, for example, beautiful stationery that has a lovely texture to it, or perhaps the tone of voice that you use when speaking to a client and you use across your social media profiles, which is equally as important.

As a brand designer and consultant, I am all about helping clients create those experiences, whether that be sensory, visually, or auditory so that clients and customers will want to visit again!

If you are interested in hearing more about how I can support you on your brand identity journey, feel free to get in touch!