Branding Inspiration: I’m curious, where do you go for inspiration when you need it most?

The Bespoke Brand Designer

Being creative, I’m inspired in many ways: visiting new places, experiencing different cultures, checking out interiors… you name it, I find an appreciation for the tiniest of detail that inspires a design or sparks an idea. I want to share my recent visit with you and give you a little insight into what inspired me on my latest trip to Crete. 


I have a deep appreciation for travel. There’s something about getting away. A different perspective, a change of scenery. I know I am not alone when I say the last few months have certainly had their challenges. Being on holiday gives us all I think the headspace we crave to let new ideas in. I was so lucky to escape for a while with my husband and family a few weeks back on a trip to Crete.


Crete is SUCH a beautiful island. We have been going to Elounda for a whole decade now and nothing beats the food, the history, the landscape, handcrafted local pottery, the people.  The colours out there are stunning – bright beautiful flowers of pink, purples and every shade of green…ancient painted wooden doors in remote villages set against the white wash of walls and crumbling bricks…sparkling sea water…pure cotton linen. The sunshine seems to highlight the bright and the white – shadows everywhere…it goes without saying I am a fair weather girl – my all time goal is to eventually live in San Diego where the sun shines all year round gaaaaaah ❤️!

Below you can see some of the and crafted local pottery – the colours are EXQUISITE and I guess a reflection of the cool colours of the sea coupled with the brightness of nature. Natural textures of clay, stone, linen, coral and reed are seen everywhere – hessian tablecloths and wicker lampshades coupled with jute rugs … pretty much everything is handmade and there is a story behind it. I LOVE a story and to imagine the thought, time and effort someone has put into creating an item.


I think for us all, going away from the norm of everyday life gives you the space you sometimes need to let go and let new memories, experiences ideas and influences in.

I truly believe it’s when you’ve had that time and you feel excited to get back to work that you know you’ve been to the right place, at just the right time.

Did you manage to get away this summer, even if it was a UK staycation? Where do you go for inspiration? 

What I read… my all-time favourite, George Michael but I have to also recommend The Island, a Hislop Novel (The book was nominated for the Book of the Year award. Set on the island of Spinalonga, off the coast of Crete, and on the village of Plaka which lies within swimming distance across the bay from it).

What I dined out on…fresh tomatoes, cakes, feta cheese, cakes, the biggest Greek olives, CAKES!

What I drank… local wines, truly gorgeous….and every morning an espresso from the tiniest and best local cafe in Plaka ❤️

What I wore… Rixo, a little cheeky purchase from Melissa Odabash, Jimmy Choo flats (all amazing sale purchases, may I add!), Freya swimsuit, Fitflops (sooooo comfortable) and my trusted old denim jacket I’ve had for 17 years!!!!!