A good brand identity – why it matters…

Of course before I start on this I must point out that for pretty much every single business, success most usually is a collaboration of factors. No one wins clients with poor customer service or a product that is not up to scratch! 

Whether you are a new business or an existing one, having a fabulous, cohesive and consistent brand identity that truly represents your business, your beliefs and is researched and designed to appeal to your target audience is a vital piece of your overall brand. It is the visual representation of who you are, your first impression to future clients and sits crucially alongside your tone of voice, customer service and every other vital element of your business – with huge competition in all industries, often we have just a split second to capture consumers eye.

You should feel proud of your brand identity, excited to get it out there and it should fill you with the confidence to do so. Most importantly – your brand design and identity should capture your audience.

From the fonts, the colours, textures or patterns, every detail should be thought about carefully and should be consistent across all of your advertising, website, social media, stationery…even uniform.

For example, if you are a retail company selling luxury clothing your brand identity should ooze who you are with clear striking fonts, meticulous attention to detail in every single way and sumptuous tones of luxury so that the customer who is looking for quality and doesn’t mind spending more on their clothing, immediately feels they have come to right place and are intrigued and compelled to either walk into your store or click deeper into your website.

Your website and social media platforms are the shop windows into your business…you don’t have long to hold the viewers attention so work at it, keep it current and enticing. Be concise with your wording, find a good copywriter who will refine your text to get the point in a tone of voice that fits with both you and your target audience. Use images that are relevant and gorgeous. Only EVER use high resolution – there is no compromise on this. If you need photos of your team or your office (and I highly recommend that you do as the viewer then feels more connected), find a great photographer. Again, be consistent.

Within our subconscious, we use all of our senses to see if something fits for us when choosing a service provider or purchasing a product. Take a look at the thickness, feel and texture of the card used for your business cards – details such as foil lettering or a bespoke made ribbon – these elements add an extra sensory dimension for your customers experience with you that shows them you’ve gone the extra mile and that details matter.

To finish…my advice – if you are totally happy with your brand identity and feel it is absolutely working for you and your business then hoorah! If it is not…take a little time to sit down and ask yourself some key questions. Think about who your target audience are and where your current brand fits in to that. Do I love my brand identity?

None of us in business can rest on our laurels, the world is evolving too quickly for that. Keep thinking, researching and if you need a helping hand – come to a professional brand designer who is in tune with this stuff and will look at the overall image of your brand. We can make the difference when it comes to captivating your future audience. It really is vital to get right and worth investing in!