2021 Roundup, A Branding Showcase and London Calling!

Cathy, The Bespoke Brand Designer.

What a year! A good one for some, not so good for others, so safe to say a rollercoaster for all but here at The Bespoke Brand Designer I am pleased to say it has been a busy time.

London has featured highly this year with many brilliant meetings there and a number of new clients from the capital city, all of whom have launched or are about to launch with some very exciting businesses which I look forward to watching flourish as 2022 approaches.

My thoughts for next year are to organise small events in and around London offering advice to business owners on how to captivate audiences with outstanding brand experiences.

I will also hold day and half-day meetings for those who want a more bespoke plan.

Here is the first in a series of 5 posts:

Melissa Wilkes: Melissa came to me by recommendation and I am SO very thankful she did as I have loved every minute of working with this hugely talented and aspiring businesswoman.

Her vision was to create a British based luxury fragrance company that was dedicated to exceptional quality and craftsmanship creating beautiful scents to evoke the senses and create incredible experiences.

The brief was to create a brand that was in line with the values of the business – high end, chic, trustworthy, British-made and bespoke. We worked closely together paying particular attention to the icon which needed to be simple yet pack a punch so that it would be in itself ‘iconic’.

Simple clean tones for the colour palette were a must so the luxurious look of the black and white was decided upon, just a hint of warmth with a neutral beige was added to compliment the gold. The outcome is I think even more than we had anticipated with it achieving its goal of elegance, simplicity and luxury – it is also timeless and of course it’s what you do with it that then counts.

Melissa has chosen the finest GF Smith papers for stationery and packaging, used the most outstanding British company to manufacture (by hand) the bone china candle holders and is using 9-carat gold for the finishing touches.

She launches shortly, in January, and will offer a limited edition range to start adding more incredible products (already in manufacture) as next year moves along.

You can sign up to receive samples of her fragrances by visiting www.melissawilkes.co.uk – please do – they are AMAZING and there are plans to stock the range in a number of prestigious London stores in good time – watch this space 😉.